Nimbus Dealer Meeting 2023

Beyond Horizons: Nava at the Nimbus Dealer Meeting 2023 in Pirovac

From the 28th to the 30th of September 2023, the picturesque coastal town of Pirovac, Croatia, became the vibrant backdrop for Nimbus’ dealer meeting. Nautika Centar Nava, a proud Nimbus partner in Croatia, was thrilled to join in and share our passion for luxury boats with fellow-participants. 

Our dynamic team, including Dario, Mia, Nina, Filip, Josip, and Milko, represented Nautika Centar Nava at this gathering. They actively participated in the amazing training sessions hosted by Nimbus’ esteemed partners: Mercury, Simrad, Quick, and Volvo Penta. These sessions greatly improved our product knowledge. They also fostered a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge technologies that propel Nimbus ships to new heights

Exciting Experience

Beyond the enriching educational aspects, the Nimbus dealer meeting in Pirovac provided a unique platform for connecting. Our team had the pleasure of interacting with colleagues from the Nimbus factory and global representatives. These interactions offered exciting opportunities and collaborations, strengthening the bonds within the Nimbus family.

The festivities extended beyond the meeting room, with the Nimbus organizing delightful gatherings and trips to the island of Zut. Attendants also savored exhilarating test drives on a range of Nimbus models, such as the T9, T11, W11, and Coupe 405. However, the real showstopper, was the exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Nimbus Coupe 465, set to make waves in the boating world next year.

As a finishing touch with a dash of glamour, the meeting culminated in an award ceremony. “Dealer of the Year”, “Special Performance”, “Dare to be Winner”, “Best Rookie Dealer”, “Best Rookie Dealer CRM”, and “Top North American Dealer” were just some of the awards handed out. The ceremony additionally emphasized the cooperation and excellence that define the Nimbus Boats.

Beyond formalities

In essence, the Nimbus dealer meeting in Pirovac was not just a gathering; it was a vibrant celebration of innovation, collaboration, and success. As we continue our boating journey into the future, the knowledge, insights, and the connections gained at Pirovac will undoubtedly fuel Nautika Centar Nava to even greater success in the dynamic world of luxury boats. 

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